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Regular Shares

The Membership Share has a Par Value of $10.00. A deposit of $10.00 is required at the time of opening an account.   The minimum balance required to avoid the monthly minimum fee is $100.00. A new member has 6 months to bring the account to the required minimum before any minimum balance fee is charged.

Regular Share is member's base account. In order to be eligible for any product or services, a Regular Share account must be opened.

The membership fee of $1.00 has been temporarily waived until further notice.

Your Choice Checking

This is a share draft account (checking) that has no minimum balance requirement. 
Dividends are paid on this account.  For the current interest rate, please refer to the monthly newsletter or call 841-2473.
The first order of checks of the standard style is offered at no charge.  One FREE box of checks is offered each year. 
Fees associated with this account are:  Non-sufficient Fees (NSF); Overdraft Fees; Stop Payment Fees and Check printing fees.


This is a transaction account similar to a share draft account (checking), but without the use of checks or drafts.  It was established for members who want to use the "Bill Payment" feature of online banking.

A Share Express account is required for members that request a Debit Card, and do not have a "Your Choice Checking" account.


Christmas Club Accounts

This is a special club account for the purpose of helping  members with their spending plan for the holidays.  A deposit of $5.00 is required to open a Christmas Club Account.  However, there is no minimum balance. 
The maximum balance is $3,000.00.
On the 30th day of September, of each year, a withdrawal for the full balance of the account is made and deposited to Regular Shares.

Term Share Certificates
Term Share Certificates have a minimum term of 6 months and a maximum term of 4 years.  The minimum amount to open a Term Share Certificate is $1,000.00.
Interest is accrued daily and compounded quarterly.
The interest earned and posted to your account may be withdrawn without penalty.  Early withdrawal of the principal, will be assessed an early withdrawal penaly fee and any unposted interest will be forfeited.

Click Here for current interest rates


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